Information retrieval research papers

His fields of study were Metaphysics, Mathematics, Theodicy.

Information retrieval research papers

Latent Dirichlet allocation Feature-based retrieval models view documents as vectors of values of feature functions or just features and seek the best way to combine these features into a single relevance score, typically by learning to rank methods.

Feature functions are arbitrary functions of document and query, and as such can easily incorporate almost any other retrieval model as just another feature.

This fact is usually represented in vector space models by the orthogonality assumption of term vectors or in probabilistic models by an independency assumption for term variables. Models with immanent term interdependencies allow a representation of interdependencies between terms. However the degree of the interdependency between two terms is defined by the model itself.

It is usually directly or indirectly derived e.

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Models with transcendent term interdependencies allow a representation of interdependencies between terms, but they do not allege how the interdependency between two terms is defined. They rely an external source for the degree of interdependency between two terms. For example, a human or sophisticated algorithms.

Performance and correctness measures[ edit ] Main article: Evaluation measures information retrieval The evaluation of an information retrieval system' is the process of assessing how well a system meets the information needs of its users.

In general, measurement considers a collection of documents to be searched and a search query. Traditional evaluation metrics, designed for Boolean retrieval [ clarification needed ] or top-k retrieval, include precision and recall.

All measures assume a ground truth notion of relevancy: In practice, queries may be ill-posed and there may be different shades of relevancy. Timeline[ edit ] Before the s Joseph Marie Jacquard invents the Jacquard loomthe first machine to use punched cards to control a sequence of operations.

Herman Hollerith invents an electro-mechanical data tabulator using punch cards as a machine readable medium. The US military confronted problems of indexing and retrieval of wartime scientific research documents captured from Germans. Hans Peter Luhn research engineer at IBM since began work on a mechanized punch card-based system for searching chemical compounds.

Information retrieval research papers

Growing concern in the US for a "science gap" with the USSR motivated, encouraged funding and provided a backdrop for mechanized literature searching systems Allen Kent et al. The term "information retrieval" was coined by Calvin Mooers. Philip Bagley conducted the earliest experiment in computerized document retrieval in a master thesis at MIT.

That same year, Kent and colleagues published a paper in American Documentation describing the precision and recall measures as well as detailing a proposed "framework" for evaluating an IR system which included statistical sampling methods for determining the number of relevant documents not retrieved.

Hans Peter Luhn published "Auto-encoding of documents for information retrieval. Cleverdon published early findings of the Cranfield studies, developing a model for IR system evaluation. Cranfield Collection of Aeronautics, Cranfield, England, Kent published Information Analysis and Retrieval.

Weinberg report "Science, Government and Information" gave a full articulation of the idea of a "crisis of scientific information.

Information retrieval research papers

Joseph Becker and Robert M. Hayes published text on information retrieval. Becker, Joseph; Hayes, Robert Mayo. Information storage and retrieval: New York, Wiley Project Intrex at MIT. Licklider published Libraries of the Future. Nicholas Jardine and Cornelis J.

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Three highly influential publications by Salton fully articulated his vector processing framework and term discrimination model: Heavy emphasis on probabilistic models. The CITE system supported free form query input, ranked output and relevance feedback.A Review of Academic Research on Information Retrieval By Charles H.

Heenan Engineering Informatics Group Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Stanford University Stanford, California in research papers, the text “surrounding a citation (the reference) is usually a concise description of the information the cited. Information retrieval is the science of searching for information in a document, searching for documents themselves, and also searching for metadata that describe data, and for databases of texts, images or sounds.

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